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New RCPI Trainees’ Committee announced

Traffic Medicine.

The new RCPI Trainees’ Committee

Congratulations to the newly elected members of the Trainees’ Committee 2019/20. You can find details of the new Committee at the link below. Dr Cormac Kennedy was re-elected as the Chair of the Committee, and has stated his ongoing commitment to the role.

The Trainees' Voice 

Members of the Committee are vital in giving a voice to the Trainees of RCPI and advocating for their interests and training needs. Doctors on this committee represent Trainees on College Council, the Advisory Committee, the Irish Committee on Higher Medical Training and the Examinations Committee. They are also actively involved in the Steering Group for Retaining Medical Talent in Ireland, the EU Working Time Directive and numerous other working groups.

As re-elected Chair, Dr Cormac Kennedy said, “Firstly, I’d like to thank the 2018/19 committee for their work and input during the year. They represented their peers professionally when asked to participate in many committees and working groups during the year. I also wish to welcome our new committee and congratulate them on their election.”

Trainees' Committee 2019/20

Details of each member of this year's Trainees' Committee

Find out who was elected to the Trainees' Committee for 2019-2020

"The Committee is a conduit for communication between Trainees and the College. We advocate for Trainee interests at the College while disseminating the RCPI's key messages"

Dr Cormac Kennedy, Chair of the Trainees' Committee

The Committee's importance 

When asked about his main aim for the year ahead Dr Kennedy said, “My overarching aim for the coming year is to increase the engagement of Trainees with the College. I believe this will foster a spirit of collegiality which is crucial for our shared future. This aim will have a multifaceted approach, for example, Trainee support through Health and Wellbeing initiatives, peer learning projects, an exciting National Day for Doctors in Training and regular communication.”

The importance of the Committee and their role in College life is something Dr Kennedy says is vital.

“The Committee is a conduit for communication between Trainees and the College. We advocate for Trainee interests at the College while disseminating the RCPI's key messages and information. The Committee influences decisions at the highest levels and ensures the ideal of world class medical training is to the forefront of the College's agenda.”

The year ahead 

Dr Kennedy also acknowledged that he is excited about what the year ahead holds for RCPI.

“There are many exciting developments progressing at present in RCPI. The College has appointed a new CEO, its restructuring is near completion and new educational tools are being rolled out. An initiative, led by the President Professor Horgan, regarding recruitment and retention of doctors is a critical issue that will require our input. The roll out of the new ePortfolio and the new virtual learning environment provide challenges to embed these into practice while providing opportunities to improve training. Supporting Trainees at BST level is a priority for the coming year as is expanding the training and educational opportunities provided by the College. On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank Professor Horgan for her unstinting support and the committee look forward to working with the President this year.”

The RCPI Trainees' Committee has always had an active interest in postgraduate specialist training and acts as an important interface between Trainees and RCPI. Their goal is to represent Trainees’ interests and work towards improving training.

The Trainees' Committee is also responsible for the organisation of three Trainee Awards:

The Corrigan Medal

The David Mitchell Award

The William Stokes Award

RCPI Trainees' Committee

Tel: +353 1 863 9700

The RCPI Trainees' Committee (formerly known as the Collegiate Members Committee) is the longest-running Trainee committee in RCPI. We are always looking for more Trainees and Collegiate Members to get involved and become part of a group that can really make a difference.