Shortlist for 2019 RCPI Trainee Awards announced!

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Shortlist for 2019 Trainee Awards agreed by RCPI Trainees' Committee and Faculty of Public Health Medicine

The RCPI Trainees' Committee has shortlisted submissions for three RCPI awards:

  • The Corrigan Medal
  • The David Mitchell Award
  • The William Stokes Award

And the Faculty of Public Health Medicine has agreed the shortlist for the Dorothy Stopford Price Medal.

These awards recognise excellence and Trainee achievements in communication, improvements in patient care and specialist education and training, and research. The standard this year was very high and we receive a record number of entries.

Shortlisted entrants have been invited to orally present their award submissions in RCPI on Friday 6 September 2019 as part of our National Education Day for Doctors in Training.

Congratulations to all those who have been shortlisted!

The Corrigan Medal

The Corrigan Award is our annual BST case study competition. It recognises excellence in communication - The ability to identify complicating and challenging aspects of patient histories and communicate what we can learn from them.

The winner receives the Corrigan Medal, named after past RCPI President Sir Dominic Corrigan (1859 – 1863) and an educational grant worth €1,000.

This competition is open to all Trainees currently undertaking BST with RCPI.

This year's shortlisted entrants for the Corrigan Medal are:

  • Grace Kenny - TB or not TB?
  • Zara Togher - Cytomegalovirus Infection – Not So (H)armless
  • Ruth Kieran - “But you can cure it, right?” – The value of Oncogeriatric assessments in treatment planning and explaining treatment decisions to families

The entries selected for poster presentations are:

  • Lydia Healy Too - Many Carbs! Reye-like Syndrome and Severe Carnitine Deficiency in a Boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Restricted Diet
  • Ciaran McKeown - Alagille syndrome in pregnancy – a case report
  • Humera Samad - Toxoplasmosis; Keeping a broader differential in mind. A Case Report
  • Alwyn Charles - Bubble de-livers the answer
  • Kevin Kitt - 'I'm feeling fine Doctor..' - Pitfalls in the recognition and management of depression in older persons
  • James Dillon - Idiopathic Interstitial Nephritis (IN) leading to End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) in a 17-year-old male
  • Deirdre O' Sullivan - An NPHP3 gene gross deletion associated with Renal Hepatic Pancreatic Dysplasia (RHPD) in an Infant with Terminal Renal Failure
  • Karen Dennehy - “It Ain’t Easy Being Wheeezy” – a rare underlying cause of Asthma
  • Paul Ryan - A Giant Red Herring: An Unusual Presentation of Giant Cell Arteritis Following Routine Dental Extraction

The David Mitchell Award

The David Mitchell Award recognises audits that improve patient care and/or specialist education and training.

The winning Trainee or team of Trainees receives the David Mitchell Award and an educational grant worth €1,000 for a single Trainee or €1,500 for a team Trainees.  

This competition is open to all Trainees, or a team of Trainees currently registered with RCPI.

This year's shortlisted entrants are:

  • Katie Flinn, Husnain Mahomed, and Alwyn Charles - An audit of compliance to ISBAR handover principles in a regional paediatric centre
  • Taha Khalid - Thyroid function testing in patients on immunotherapy at Sligo University Hospital (SUH) – A clinical audit
  • Michael Doyle - Identifying modifiable risk factors for disease progression in people with Multiple Sclerosis – a missed opportunity?

The entries selected for poster presentations are:

  • Roisin Coary - Audit of Compliance with National Emergency Laparotomy Audit Standards Following Dedicated Geriatrician Liaison Service Introduction
  • Wan Lin Ng - Pneumococcal and Influenza Vaccination In Patients Receiving Biological DMARDS (bDMARDS) in Ireland
  • Maria Tomkins - Bridging the gap between senior house officer and medical registrar on-call
  • Peter Tormey - An Audit of the Appropriateness of Paediatric Abdominal X-Ray Requests in University Hospital Galway
  • Colm Kerr - An audit of immune status and vaccination outcomes in newly attending HIV-positive patients: 2017
  • Emily Harrold - Oncology Multi-disciplinary Meeting (MDT) Outcomes: Audit from a Tertiary Referral Centre
  • Donnchadh O'Sullivan - WhatsApp Doc? An audit of instant messaging usage and physician attitudes
  • Rebecca Finnegan - 48 No More
  • Alwyn Charles - Seize the day; A Fitting audit
  • Allan Jenkinson - An Audit on Amplitude Integrated Electroencephalography (aEEG) Education and Use in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Setting

The William Stokes Award

The William Stokes Award is awarded by the Collegiate Members Committee in RCPI. It recognises research of the highest standards carried out by Trainees in Higher Specialist Training. The winning Trainee receives the William Stokes Award and an educational grant worth €4,000.

The award is open to all Trainees currently undertaking Higher Specialist Training with RCPI.

This year's shortlisted entrants are:

  • Helena Ferris - Predictors of In-hospital Mortality Post Hip Fracture in Ireland 2013-2017
  • Peter Barrett - Increased risk of long-term renal disease in women who deliver preterm infants: a population-based cohort study
  • Emma Jennings - In-hospital adverse drug reactions in hospitalised older adults; prevalence, presentation and associated drugs – a systematic review and meta-analysis

The entries selected for poster presentations are:

  • Cormac Kennedy - CoQ10 as a treatment for statin associated myalgia: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Marie Boyle - Performance of the PRO-C3 Collagen Neo-Epitope Biomarker in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
  • David Crosby - Dysregulation of the IL-17A pathway in women with unexplained infertility affects pregnancy outcome following assisted reproductive therapy
  • Dearbhla Kelly - Proteinuria as an Independent Predictor of Stroke: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
  • Bronwyn Power - Neurodevelopmental Outcomes and Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Findings of Neonates requiring Therapeutic Hypothermia in a Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Charlene Foley - Is Down syndrome-associated arthritis (DA) a distinct disease from juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)?
  • Conor Judge - Urinary Sodium and Potassium, and Risk of Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke

Dorothy Stopford Price Medal

The Dorothy Stopford Price Medal was introduced in 2018 to recognise excellence in research or audit on vaccination, immunisation or control of infectious diseases and its potential impact on public health.

The medal is awarded by the Faculty of Public Health Medicine to honour this pioneer in infectious disease control in Ireland.

The award is open to all Trainees currently undertaking BST or HST with RCPI.

This year's shortlisted entrants are:

  • Peter Barrett - A national measles outbreak in Ireland linked to a single imported case.
  • Katharine Harkin - Using Social Marketing to improve influenza vaccine uptake among healthcare workers, a ‘wicked’ public health problem
  • John Coveney - National rotavirus vaccination programme implementation and gastroenteritis presentations: the paediatric emergency medicine perspective

The entries selected for poster presentations are:

  • Eileen Sweeney - Impact of BCG vaccination on regional incidence of Tuberculosis Disease in Southern Ireland
  • Heather Burns - Impact of Inclusion of Rotavirus Vaccination in the Irish Primary Immunisation Schedule, Focusing on the Midlands Region
  • Miranda Crealey - Admission to hospital with rotavirus gastroenteritis before and after routine rotavirus vaccination introduction
  • Aoife Heeney - Improving the Diagnosis and Management of Urinary Tract Infections in Older Inpatients
  • Karen McCarthy - The burden of primary varicella infection on the Irish healthcare system: A call for universal varicella vaccination
  • Wan Lin Ng - Uptake of pneumococcal and influenza vaccination in patients receiving biological DMARDs (BDMARDs) in Ireland
  • Saied Ali - Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Uptake in a Respiratory Outpatient Clinic

Join us at the National Education Day for Doctors In Training to find out who wins!

This year's National Education Day for Doctors In Training on 6 September 2019 features an afternoon of inspiring and enlightening talks specifically aimed at NCHDs training in Ireland. The programme for the day has been developed by the RCPI Trainees' Committee and includes the annual RCPI Trainee Awards.

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