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Membership Examinations

MRCPI in Paediatrics


Paediatrics Part I



MRCPI in Paediatrics allows you to enter Higher Specialist Training, the final stage of training before independent practice. Your first step is to pass the Part I Written exam, which is completed via remote invigilation.


Exam Structure

The MRCPI Paediatrics Part I examination consists of one paper with 100 Single Best Answer questions. You have three hours to complete the exam. There is no negative marking and each question is equally weighted so we advise you to attempt all questions.

Single Best Answer questions consist of a 'vignette' (clinical scenario) followed by five possible answers. You must select the single best answer. The questions in this paper test basic knowledge expected with clinical exposure in General Paediatrics at SHO level in Ireland.

Being successful in this exam demonstrates a broad knowledge of the basic physiology and physical findings of the neonate, child and adolescent, as well as clinical literature published in paediatrics, public health matters related to paediatrics and the fundamentals of managing common paediatric conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions