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MRCPI Paediatrics


Paediatrics Part II Written



The MRCPI Paediatrics Part II Written exam is the second part of your journey towards becoming a specialist in paediatrics. It is currently available through remote invigilation so can be completed anywhere in the world.

MRCPI is accredited by the Medical Council of Ireland as the foremost knowledge-based assessment for Paediatrics in Ireland. It is an essential entry requirement for Higher Specialist Training in Paediatrics.


Exam Structure

MRCPI Paediatrics Part II Written examination consists of two papers:

  • Paper 1 - 20 Short Answer questions (SAQs)
  • Paper 2 - 80 Single Best Answer (SBA) questions

Each paper is 2.5 hours long with an hour break in between. You must achieve a pass in both papers to pass the exam.

The questions in Paediatrics Part II Written exam test advanced knowledge, problem solving and management of emergency situations in General Paediatrics with an increased focus on specialist areas. It is expected that potential Part II Written candidates will gain a further 6 – 12 months clinical experience after successful completion of the Part I written examination. The aim of the Part II written examinations is to sample the broad breadth of knowledge that would be expected of a doctor starting in a general Paediatrics registrar post. The examination is aligned to the Basic Specialist Training in Paediatrics curriculum.


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