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Membership Examinations

MRCPI Paediatrics


Paediatrics Part II Clinical



The MRPCI Part II Clinical exam is the final part of the process to achieve MRPCI. Passing this level will mean that you are ready to apply for Higher Specialist Training, the final stage of training before independent practice.

The qualification of MRCPI in Paediatrics shows potential employers that you have advanced knowledge of Paediatrics - you can effectively take a detailed history from a parent or child, perform clinical examinations and formulate investigation and management plans.


Exam Structure

The clinical exam format consists of a circuit of six short cases. These cases will be similar to an outpatient encounter or a clinical assessment of a patient in a medical admissions unit. All candidates should see a case mix that allows them to demonstrate a range of clinical skills.

Throughout the examination candidates are assessed on:

  • Communication skills
  • Management of the child
  • Identifying/recognising normalcy/disability or complex need
  • Recognise the acutely ill child and identifying red flags

Further information on the clinical exam and marking details, available here

The clinical examination focuses on the ability of the candidate to demonstrate proficiency in the areas of history taking, communication, physical examination, problem solving and basic steps in the assessment and management of the neonate, child or adolescent with acute or chronic disease.


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